business owner

We specialise in working with small and medium sized businesses all over the country.

By focussing our attention on providing support across your entire business activity, we can add significant value – we provide much more than just transactional services.

We also support pension conferences and visit your employees to discuss their plans in ‘open days’ within your workplace.  These are a great means of displaying to your employees their importance to you.

In addition, we have strong partners in accounting, consulting and law, making us an integral part of our clients’ network.

We ensure we ask you the right bespoke questions, to enable us to fully understand your business and your goals.   In turn, we then research, review and manage your financial plan with you.  This approach is something our client’s value highly and because we have a more entwined relationship, we can discuss ideas and opportunities with you in a truly personal way.

Call us and we can explain how we work and what Independent Financial Planning we can offer you.

Our experience tells us that as business owners you may encounter some of the following issues:

• Different types of income

• Incomes from many sources

• Desire to sell business to provide retirement income

• Protecting business assets

• Lack of time to focus on your personal financial plan, yet strong desire to establish goals

• Requirement for professional service providers to work closely together on your behalf

• Unsure regarding provision of pension and protection schemes for employees?

• Tax efficient planning to enable you to pass on your wealth

• Ensuring loved ones and businesses are protected in the case of poor health or death